Restoring Community

Foster positive classroom and school culture

During this two-day introductory online experience, you will learn fundamental theory and practices for engaging with students, staff and parents in your school setting.

Topics include how to set high expectations while being supportive, how to provide direct feedback and ask questions that foster accountability, and the most effective methods to resolve common conflicts.

You will also learn to facilitate circles, an essential process for creating a positive learning environment and school culture. Circles may be used to build social capital, resolve social problems and respond when harm occurs.

Learning Format

This online experience — tailored for teachers, administrators and other school staff — is led by an experienced IIRP instructor:

  • On two successive days, you will participate in 4.5-hour synchronous video conference sessions (breaks included).
  • Pre-work includes readings, handouts, videos and other resources. There will be approximately two hours of pre-work for each day of synchronous instruction.
  • Our online engagement platform allows for interaction of participants before and between video sessions.

This event addresses topics that are also covered in the first two days of our in-person Basic Restorative Practices event: Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively. This event satisfies the in-person prerequisite for our graduate courses and other professional development.

Price: $450

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