Restoring Community

Empower youth to take responsibility for their behavior and learn healthier ways to interact

Explore how to reduce violence and youth aggression, whether you work in education, criminal justice, social services or youth counseling. Aggression Replacement Training® is an intervention for aggressive adolescents and children consistent with the restorative practices framework. An extended series of studies has demonstrated its efficacy with skill learning, anger control and reducing recidivism.

This two-day workshop will present the rationale and background underlying this group process, its specific procedures, materials, application and administrative challenges, and evaluation results.

Note: This event is the first step in learning about Aggression Replacement Training® as a practitioner and also as a graduate student if you are taking this for credit. If you are planning on implementing the Aggression Replacement Training® with fidelity as a 10-week program, please be aware it is a co-facilitated process; you will need to have two people trained and work with master trainers for additional support.


Aggression Replacement Training®  has been recognized by the following entitites:

  • U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention —Model Program
  • U.S. Department Education's Safe, Disciplined, and Drug-Free Schools Expert Panel —Model Program
  • U.S. Department of Justice —Promising Program
  • American Correctional Association —Model Program
  • U.K. Home Office —Model Program

Through interactive exercises, demonstration, guided practice and implementation planning, you will learn the three components of Aggression Replacement Training®:

  1. SkillStreaming, which teaches a curriculum of prosocial, interpersonal skills (i.e., what to do instead of aggression);
  2. Anger Control Training, which teaches youth what not to do if provoked;
  3. Moral Reasoning Training, which promotes values that respect the rights of others and helps youths want to use the interpersonal and anger management skills taught.
You will also learn about:
  • Causes of aggression, its magnitude and impact, as well as “best practice” solutions.
  • Updated research on brain development and meta-cognition strategies for new neural pathway development.
  • Generalization techniques to increase the likelihood that prosocial skills learned in the training setting will transfer to other settings and endure over time.

You will receive two books, Skillstreaming the Adolescent: A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills by Ellen McGinnis, with Robert P. Sprafkin, N. Jane Gershaw and Paul Klein, as well as Anger Control Training: Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guide by Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver.

Upcoming Aggression Replacement Training® events

Few in-person events are scheduled at this time. Please see our Online Events, and check back for future in-person offerings.

2-day Event
$450 USD / $450 CAD
Outside the U.S. and Canada, prices may vary.

"The Aggression Replacement Training structure has made our staff better equipped to talk to clients who are dealing with anger and strong emotion, and clients respond well."

Ashley Alberta
New York, USA