Restoring Community

The IIRP uses photographic images and video recordings to promote the Graduate School and events surrounding the institution in websites, print materials and social media, in areas around education, publicity and fundraising.  

All IIRP employees, students, trustees and attendees of IIRP conferences are advised that the IIRP photographs and videotapes members of the campus community throughout the year, which may include in classrooms, in study areas, in offices and at other IIRP on- and off-campus activities. The IIRP reserves the right to employ these photographs and videotapes as a part of its internal and external communications efforts.  

All IIRP employees, students, trustees and attendees of IIRP conferences are given to understand that their images, names, voices and likenesses may be included, published or used in perpetuity in IIRP publications including print, broadcast, social and/or other electronic media for publicity or marketing purposes, and their employment constitutes consent to such inclusion. Procedures are established so that IIRP employees, students, trustees and attendees of IIRP conferences can opt out of this arrangement. The Office of the Vice President for Administration is responsible for these procedures.  

The IIRP will never post images with identifying information such as email address, address or family members’ names. No special compensation is provided to any individual included in images taken at IIRP events. The IIRP does not contact individuals to notify them if or when their images are used by the IIRP. 

The opt-out procedure can be found here.