Restoring Community

A grievance is a claim that action has been taken which involves a student or staff or faculty member’s status or the specific terms or conditions of employment or academic study and which is believed to be arbitrary, capricious, or without cause or not consistent with IIRP policies and procedures, or a perceived circumstance of discrimination, harassment or inequity.

The International Institute for Restorative Practices, consistent with its name and mission, will use restorative processes, whenever possible, in dealing with wrongdoing and conflict among students, staff, faculty and administration. Restorative processes focus on restoring the harm done by conflict and wrongdoing. They are usually held in a circle format and provide every person with an opportunity to be heard and express feelings in a safe environment.

Restorative processes bring together those who have been affected by an incident. When there are identifiable wrongdoers and victims, all of those individuals have the choice of participating voluntarily. Furthermore, their friends, colleagues, optionally their family members, and others in the institution who have been affected, are also invited to come together to resolve the emotional consequences of the incident and to have a say in how the conflict or wrong might be handled.

If possible, concerns that result in a grievance, should first be addressed informally, through informal discussions or a restorative circle. If a solution is reached it should be put in writing, signed and dated by both parties, and copied to the appropriate administrator.

If, after attempting informal resolution, no solution is reached the aggrieved party or parties may appeal the issue in writing to an appropriate administrator. That administrator must respond to the grievance within ten working days.

If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with that outcome, they may appeal to the President who will respond within ten working days, and if the aggrieved party is still not satisfied the issue may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.