Positive school culture

  • Strong relationships
  • School connectedness

Increased equity

  • Less discipline disproportionality
  • Diversity of voices

Strong school leadership

  • 21st century professional competencies
  • Improved workplace culture

Program Components

The IIRP SaferSanerSchools™ program provides everything your school or district needs to implement school-wide restorative practices. Administration and staff develop an implementation strategy suitable to your setting. You will learn the framework and competencies needed to begin making changes among students.

BRP Call to Action Pole SmallerProfessional Development

We'll train your entire school staff, from administrators and social workers to teachers and cafeteria workers, so they have tools to connect with students using a common vocabulary and framework.

Grad Call to Action SmallerCoaching

Once your staff begin to implement restorative practices, questions naturally arise. Our coaches are available remotely and onsite to support your staff to learn and utilize restorative practices effortlessly every day.

Conf Call to Action SmallerInstitutional Licensing

License your staff to do in-house training using IIRP materials and scripts to bring new staff on board and expand the program to new district schools.

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About the IIRP

The International Institute for Restorative Practices is a graduate school offering master's degrees and graduate certificates in restorative practices, the social science of relationships and community.

Our continuing education instructors have worked with schools and districts in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. We have worked in hundreds of schools districts, urban and rural. Our work is supported by NEA, AFT, NAACP, NACRJ, National Bullying Prevention. We are in partnership withPBIS, CASEL, National School Climate Center, Committee for Children.

The IIRP SaferSanerSchools program was the subject of a RAND Corporation report showing restorative practices reduced suspensions in 22 schools over two years in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

"Restorative practices provide a structure that builds community among students and staff and provides a way for students to restore themselves to the community following misconduct."

Anthony Hamlet, Superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Shools

Research and Report

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