Restoring Community

Our faculty are pioneering the emerging social science of restorative practices and continue to work as skilled practitioners, sharing both practical skills and powerful ideas in their courses.


The IIRP Board of Trustees are holders of the organizational trust and mission. Our trustees bring many different perspectives and experiences in fields such as law, higher education, faith, public education, private foundations, government relations, management and child welfare, which mirror the numerous arenas where restorative practices are being implemented.

When we say IIRP alumni are change agents, we know what that really means.

It’s that they are so knowledgeable and compassionate upon graduation they can see things no one else does and walk into situations with the answers. Our alumni understand that for real change to happen, it has to come from a vision and responsibility that's shared by all stakeholders.

Our alumni can walk into a room and ask the right questions, employing a reliable process that engages people in the right conversations. They know that this process will help everyone discover answers together, and that these answers have a better chance of enduring when the going gets tough.

Working in underfunded schools or economically disadvantaged communities, IIRP alumni are skilled in helping children and adults not just speak up against something, but find a way to stand together, discover their power and resources and create positive change.

In courts and probation settings, alumni work with individuals who have been harmed, those that cause the harm, and those who have been impacted by others’ crimes to foster empathy and identify what needs to change to keep people safe and make things right.

In business settings and political arenas, our alumni know how to model constructive and honest conflict, build relationships and develop the social capital to hold people accountable for their actions and achieve results. 

Benefits for IIRP alumni

  • Professional support and job postings on IIRP Graduate School Community LinkedIn group
  • 15% registration discount to the IIRP’s World Conferences
  • Free transcripts for life
  • Lifetime subscription to IIRP’s Restorative Works Magazine
  • Free Trainings of Trainers (normally $1,800 each) to help alumni bring IIRP-licensed training to their organization or locale.
  • Invitations to alumni gatherings and events

Alumni Spotlights